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The negative space in my sculptures represent human fragility. A precious space. The impression captured within the void alters – not only with time, but also with perspective. 
My pieces draw on all this
changeability, when the figurative pieces stand together, they are populated by shadows. The imperfectly cut silhouettes, made from re-purposed steel are designed to magnify the inexact experience of what it is to be human. A plasma cutter was used to cut the figures from the metal. Held in my relatively inexperienced hands, this tool is imprecise. My own breathing impacts on the line, as does imperfections in the metal. I particularly like the quality of line the plasma cut leaves, the ‘slag’ from the cut only adds to the beauty of the line itself. My human, handheld ‘wobbles’ are a sign I exist, ‘I breathe life into the forms by the process of making’ 
The sculptures will rust, wrinkle and change. They will mature and gain a patina that proved they lived, and were defined and refined by their placement in the world.

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